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"America: Open for Business", *Assemblyline Collective*

"America: Open for Business", *Assemblyline Collective*

The SFAC’s Community Arts & Education Program and the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development have partnered with Triple Base to create a pilot Art in Storefronts program that places art temporarily in vacant storefront windows located on Taylor Street in the Tenderloin, Third Street in Bayview, Central Market Street and Lower 24th Street in the Mission.

Tough economic times have left many storefronts empty throughout the City, and this program encourages an alternative use of storefronts to reinvigorate and celebrate our neighborhoods, improve streetscape conditions, and support local merchants by increasing foot traffic. The program will engage local artists in reinvigorating neighborhoods and commercial corridors that have been hard-hit by the economic downturn. It also provides artists, who have also been affected by the economy, with a unique opportunity to showcase their creativity in transforming vacant storefronts into free exhibition spaces and to garner public recognition for their work.

Launching this September in the Central Market neighborhood, the program will run through January 2010 and will culminate in a supporting website that will provide a toolkit for private property owners and neighborhoods who would like to implement similar temporary art projects in the future. This artist application is due August 14.

Artists will be selected through an open application process followed by a curatorial review. Representatives from SFAC, the Mayor’s Office and community representatives will provide feedback for the curators’ selection. Artists must live in San Francisco. Priority will be given to artists who live or work in the Tenderloin, Central Market, Bayview and Mission neighborhoods where their art is to be displayed. All genres of art will be considered, with a special emphasis on high quality presentations that respond to the history, unique character and positive qualities of the neighborhood. Artists will agree to create an installation within the financial limitations of a modest stipend.

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Sunday, June 21st 5-8:30pm

Big White Truck Gallery at the end of Potrero before it hits Cesar Chavez

Site-specific work by:

Torreya Cummings, Nina Elder, Alicia Escott,
Chris Fitzpatrick, Julia Goodman, Justin Hurty,
Cameron Kelly, Elyse Mallouk, Raphael Noz,
Brandon Olsen, Weston Teruya, Jessica Tully, and
Imin Yeh


The Bay Area is full of beautiful and functional public space. However, there are spaces that while technically both “public” and “functional” fail to coincide with our perceptions of what is desirable and recreationally useable. As the urban network expands and highways are built, crisscrossing in mid-air, bisecting neighborhoods and skewing horizons into abstract zigzags, the underneath and in-between spaces become more plentiful, but in their dark, damp shadiness, not necessarily more attractive to the common pedestrian.

A major junction off of highway 101, the intersection of Cesar Chavez and Potrero, (once the site of Bonnie Ora Sherk’s historic public work, “The Farm”), is a surreal tangle of asphalt, whirring automobiles, and dark acute angles where cement meets earth littered with trash and discarded drug paraphernalia. Urban planners have attempted to make this concrete jungle traversable by implementing narrow walkways and footbridges, but have neglected to explore its potential as more than a thoroughfare, and one best avoided at that. The highway underpass is but one example of the abundance of potentially useable civic zones that exist as simultaneously available and seemingly off limits. This peripheral space represents the often present boundary between potential and actual accessibility.

INTERIM INFILLS is an exhibition that will not only explore this particular underused and underappreciated urban matrix, but also the general defining process of public space in any city. The exhibition responds to this strangely beautiful transit zone by creating stopping points throughout. These projects will be temporal or permanent, subtle or eye-catching, objects or performance/projections, silly or contemplative—but will all be site specific and installed without permission (or dare we say Guerilla-style).

Opening info: Sunday June 21, 5-8:30
The work will remain on view in the site for as long as it lasts.

Because the exhibition is sited over a relatively expansive area, the opening headquarters will be held in the back of a big white truck parked along Potrero Ave. all the way at the end next to the baseball field. Inside the van will be site maps and documentation of the various projects. We will have some beer on hand, but we encourage B.Y.O and will provide brown paper bags for your beverage of choice.

INTERIM INFILLS is a Zero Capital project curated by Sally Szwed and Dan Phelan. for more info on this global non-profit visit: zerocapital.net

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I didn’t get to go around to all the shows this month for the First Thursday art walk but I did manage to make it out to two very important ones: Kelly Ording at SFMOMA Artist’s Gallery and Skinner at 111 Minna. The new work by (more…)

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Earlier this year I dropped by the studio of Skinner Davis and had the opportunity to preview some of the work he was creating for his solo show at 111 Minna Gallery. You can see the post from that studio visit here. I’m excited to announce that at long last the opening for his show is nigh! Worship Thee Kindly the Dark Hand That Guides Me opens at 111 Minna Gallery this Thursday, June 4th and will feature sculpture, paintings, and installation from the mind of Skinner.

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