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Choosing Between Shapes

Choosing Between Shapes

I’ve been mesmerized by Jesse Reno‘s paintings for years. To call them mere paintings is almost myopic, relegating them to a definition that can easily be obtained through a cursory inspection. It’s best to take your time with Reno’s work, to examine the layers, the complex pattern work, scrawled lines, and his preternatural subjects who adorn the surface like holy beings, deities, and sacred creatures from another realm. To deny Reno’s oeuvre this small justice is to miss the visual stories the artist seeks to tell; ancient glyphs from the dreamscape of Reno’s waking life, unearthed into the light of day.

For this A&O interview, I asked the prolific Portland-based artist to share some of his inspiration and recent work with me. Reno was also kind enough to include a written piece with info he normally shares with his students for the “Tips & Techniques” section of A&O. You don’t want to miss this! (more…)

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