Dan will be signing copies of his book, In Plain View at Space Gallery on Friday, January 7th from 8-10PM

Be on the lookout for his work as it shows up around the city!  For each work on view at White Walls, a corresponding piece will take root in the Bay Area’s public space.


“What we can say about abstract art is that by not shoving a message down our throats, it can be more poetic.”  -Carlo McCormick

Art News is kicking off the new year with a cover story discussing emerging trends in urban and street art by C-Monster’s Carolina A. Miranda.  The article discusses the way in which perceptions of street art are stretching to encompass geometric, conceptual and abstract elements–formal artistic qualities generally associated with fine art.  Meaty terms are thrown around here; post graffiti, public intervention, and iconic mark-making among others, in an effort to name evolutionary trends happening in the genre.  Street art itself, as a common descriptor of uncomissioned public artwork is a term that is also deemed suspect. The artist MOMO sums up problematic terminologies, “The interest for me is in this gray area where words aren’t speaking quite perfectly. If we’re having trouble with the words, it means that something new is forming.”


Brad Downey



What a year. Time for A&O to reflect on all that was, and look forward to all that will be in 2011. Here’s our pick of the litter, our top ten art world announcements from 2010. What are yours?

2010 Marked the Death of the Following 20th century Luminaries:

Dennis Hopper

Louise Bourgeois

Harvey Pekar

Frank Frezetta

JD Salinger

Howard Zinn

Alexander McQueen

Censorship Infuriates the Art World

Controversy blazes over the Smithsonian’s censorship of the David Wojnarowicz video piece “A Fire in My Belly” from the Hide/Seek exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Deitch Goes West

Deitch gives up the private sector and moves to the public realm as Director of MOCA in Los Angeles.  As anticipated by detractors and fans alike, he causes quite a stir.

Chaos and Classicism at The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim delivers a curatorial gem.  Chaos and Classicism focuses in on a seldom talked about moment in interwar European art, when a renewed interest in Classical aesthetics reigned.

Despite Economic Factors, Sales at Miami Art Basel Were Strong

Art Sales in Miami challenge, as they have in the past, the state of a globally jeopardized economy.

Bravo TV airs “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist”

Art world heavyweights huddled on couches and crammed into bars to watch and weigh in on the first art-based reality TV show, “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist”.

Scott Campbell Burns Art Over a Dispute with Vice Mexico gallery

After a dispute with Mexico’s Vice Gallery, Scott Campbell took the work from his sold- out show and burned it in the street.

An Art Mogul, the CEO of an Empire, and an Heiress Walk Into a Bar…

Larry Gagosian, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Russain heiress Dasha Zhukova, Wendi Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch’s wife), and others are teaming up to launch art.sy, an online art sales site that could very well be a game changer.

The First Online Art Fair

New York dealer James Cohan and internet entrepreneur Jonas Almgren announced the impending launch of the first online art fair.

$120 Million Dollar Art Fraud

The art world is hit by a financial schemer, Lawrence Salander, who defrauded his clients out of a total of 120 million dollars.


Celebrant at the Hermannsdenkmal (with Girlfriend) (2010)

Brody Condon’s work explores concerns about the over-identification with fantasy in contemporary culture, frequently incorporating modified computer games and referencing role-playing subcultures to create performance and video installation.  -New Museum

The print above, Celebrant at the Hermannsdenkmal (with Girlfriend) (2010) is available through a donation at the cast iron level for Rhizome’s Community Campaign – that’s $4000 – and then this beauty is yours.

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Dan Witz’s integrity in expressing beauty through subversion and an enduring interest in realism has sustained the artist a copious 30-year career. Known for his hyper-realistic paintings, Witz challenges himself to keep representational painting relevant in the postmodern era and digital age.  This challenge commands that the artist must continually grow and experiment in his art practice which has contributed to him being cited as one of the most progressive and influential painters of our time.

White Walls Gallery is pleased to announce the debut solo show by Dan Witz entitled “What The %$#@? (WTF)”. The opening reception will be held on January 8, 2011 from 7-11pm. Witz is known for using  his mastery of the visual deception of trompe-l’oeil and photorealistic painting techniques to create conceptual visual pranks, producing a definitive and unparalleled street art practice.

The “What The %$#@? (WTF)” series is named for the universal reactions it often inspires within the viewer.  For this street art project, Witz is installing his Dark Doings pieces on walls beside highway ramps and interchanges–bottleneck locations where traffic backs up and a captive audience develops as cars pass by at low speeds. Dark Doings is made up of digital photo prints with extensive over-painting mounted on plastic and then framed.  For each piece that Witz will be showing within the gallery, a corresponding piece will be put up somewhere in the Bay Area.  The artworks come in an edition of 6:3 for the street and 3 for other distribution.  The street versions are unsigned, but marked with NFFS*.  The asterisk indicates (on the back of the piece) *NOT FOR FUCKING SALE.


Coming Soon.