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Meat in Plastic

Through the traditional style of still life painting, Victoria Mimiaga explores the abundant and sometimes superfluous use of plastic packaging in the food industry. On December 30th, the SFMOMA Artist’s Gallery at Caffe Museo will host an exhibition Mimiaga’s work entitled “Food in Plastic”. In this body of work, Mimiaga captures the ephemeral nature of reflectivity while portraying the humor in the perfunctory uselessness of plastic receptacles. Cucumbers are Individually shrink-wrapped, sliced apples are packaged twice in plastic, a molded plastic half shell is manufactured for half a Bundt cake. These containers inevitably call into question the banal acceptance, redundancy and environmental implications of the overuse of plastic packaging.


From the artist’s statement: “From thin gauge thermoform trays to seal tear bags, the use of plastic packaging in the food industry has undergone a renaissance. In supermarkets, corner bodegas and organic food stores, there are new and creative uses of plastic packaging – in some cases offering little more than heightened protection where none is needed. Items such as bananas, already covered in Nature’s skin, are further enveloped in a silky sheen of polymer.

Over the past decade, Victoria Mimiaga has been struck by this proliferation of plastic in the food industry. The traditional still life with fruit, fish or vegetable, a time-honored artistic subject, must now account for this new, man-made offshoot. And while plastic-wrapped food presents an aesthetic of its own, lying beneath the surface is the alarming reality of how this added waste material impacts the rest of the natural world.”

Cauliflower in Plastic

Food in Plastic will be exhibited at Caffe Museo, inside the SFMOMA, at 151 Third Street in San Francisco. The artist’s reception will be held on Thursday, December 30, 2010 from 6:30 – 8pm. The exhibit runs from December 23, 2010 to February 1, 2011.


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Artist, Mike Shine for "Flotsam's Wonder World", Photo courtesy Mike Cuffe and Warholian.com

A&O PR is proud to announce the tremendous success of “Flotsam’s Wonder World”, the epic “art opera” by artist, Mike Shine that was held in conjunction with the inauguration of Justin Giarla’s newest gallery space, 941Geary. These images from Friday night’s VIP party are courtesy of Mike Cuffe of Warholian. The evening included interactive carnival games, a set by DJ Junk Drawer (formerly of Extra Action Marching Band), operatic performances by Jonah Hoptan, “Opera Boy” and Whitney White, “Opera Girl”, as well as a folk music set that included Mike Shine himself playing harmonica. “Flotsam’s Wonder World” is up through October 31st. For more images, visit Mike Cuffe’s Flickr set here.

941Geary Gallery Owner, Justin Giarala, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe

Whitney White and Jonah Hopton, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe

Danielle Grant, Kimberly Verde and Lainya Magana of A&O PR, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe

Greg Escalante and guest, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe

Lyrica Glory, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe


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