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EverGold Gallery is proud to announce the opening of our new show “WHO NEEDS FRIENDS WHEN YOU HAVE A PARTNER IN CRIME” featuring the art of Austin McManus and Brandon Chuesy. Please join us for the opening on June 3rd from 6-9PM.

Austin McManus

San Francisco-based photographer, designer, and publisher, Austin McManus, founded the web-based zine publishing and distribution collective, TheFlopBox(dot)com in 2003. His editing of the 2007 book, Backyard Shakedown, published by Upper Playground, received the review: “The great variety of photographic formats and fresh approach to design rounds off this collection’s standing as a pertinent snapshot of contemporary photography.”

Austin is relentlessly involved in a wide range of creative projects and curates monthly art shows at Free Gold Watch gallery in San Francisco. Aside from his art, Austin likes to start and quit all his vices every other week, wear new socks everyday, and discover new ways to avoid a 9-5. Austin will be showcasing two current photography projects, “Journey into Darkness” and “Partner in Crime,” along with a collage installation of over 100 photographs in a bedroom setting.
“Journey into Darkness” is based upon the exploits of well-known Oakland-based artist, Jurne, and his adventures exploring the local underground tunnel system. “Partner in Crime” documents first-time female taggers, challenging gender-based stereotypes about exactly who creates vandalism.

Brandon Chuesy

“Brandon is a Pisces and that makes him very creative but moody and a pain in the ass. He is always picking at the show posters that upholster Portland phone poles because he appreciates typefaces. This is evident in his art, which is very lyrical, and of a bitter and often snarky content. Brandon also appreciates cool patterns and colorful printed paper that he finds at the Bins or at SCRAP, and one time he chipped me off a piece of dope snakeskin paper. I was glad. Pretty much, when you are buying a Brandon piece, about 33.3% of it will be cut-outs from Newport cartons. I can’t tell if he hates women or not, but he obviously likes women who do graffiti, so we get along swimmingly. I’m somewhat worried about Brandon’s constant use of One Shot within the unventilated confines of his room. Whether or not he has any resulting brain damage would require a professional diagnosis, but I’d say he has plenty damage. At any rate, I’d totally bring him PB&J sandwiches in the mental hospital if that’s where he ends up.”
Maria Joan Dixon (artist/friend)

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