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“What we can say about abstract art is that by not shoving a message down our throats, it can be more poetic.”  -Carlo McCormick

Art News is kicking off the new year with a cover story discussing emerging trends in urban and street art by C-Monster’s Carolina A. Miranda.  The article discusses the way in which perceptions of street art are stretching to encompass geometric, conceptual and abstract elements–formal artistic qualities generally associated with fine art.  Meaty terms are thrown around here; post graffiti, public intervention, and iconic mark-making among others, in an effort to name evolutionary trends happening in the genre.  Street art itself, as a common descriptor of uncomissioned public artwork is a term that is also deemed suspect. The artist MOMO sums up problematic terminologies, “The interest for me is in this gray area where words aren’t speaking quite perfectly. If we’re having trouble with the words, it means that something new is forming.”


Brad Downey


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