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These images appeared in my inbox the other day and I had to post them. At first I was unsure of what I thought of the work. I’m not a major fan of photo collage that isn’t hand-rendered in some way. Of course, the artist didn’t send me a description of the process, and I wasn’t able to find one online, so I’m going off of what I perceive via my computer interface – not the best way to observe art. While these look to me to be mostly digital illustration, I didn’t dismiss them right away. Perhaps I’m warming up to the technological age of art after all! What I love about Jorge’s work is his visual depiction of a free-flowing creative process that manages to be both orderly and planned as well as spontaneous and random. The digital medium provides this “clean room” creation – sterile subject matter placed almost mathematically against a white background. But then, the objects that comprise the subject are so random – a pile of chairs, bits of antenna, an array of bottles. These works make me want to know more, which is the whole point of art in my opinion.


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