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Art and the Economy

Earlier today the AP released a 2009 Census Bureau statistic that states that 1 in 7 Americans live in poverty. This is a pretty somber statistic and it got me thinking about its impact on art. Artists are survivors, the veritable cockroach in the cataclysm, adept at thriving on a diet of Top Ramen, Country Club 40s and fast food value menus while always managing to acquire art supplies – legitimately or otherwise. When it comes to creativity, I tend to believe that deprivation is the best innovator. But given the years of plenty that preceded the recent economic fallout, I feel that it resulted in a lot of art that was less than inspired. Perhaps things were too easy there for a while? I’m not one to say. But what I’m curious is what to expect from art during these current, monitarily meager times? Perhaps art will regain its soul and say a thing or two about a thing or two instead of a whole lotta white noise.


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