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Dan Witz’s integrity in expressing beauty through subversion and an enduring interest in realism has sustained the artist a copious 30-year career. Known for his hyper-realistic paintings, Witz challenges himself to keep representational painting relevant in the postmodern era and digital age.  This challenge commands that the artist must continually grow and experiment in his art practice which has contributed to him being cited as one of the most progressive and influential painters of our time.

White Walls Gallery is pleased to announce the debut solo show by Dan Witz entitled “What The %$#@? (WTF)”. The opening reception will be held on January 8, 2011 from 7-11pm. Witz is known for using  his mastery of the visual deception of trompe-l’oeil and photorealistic painting techniques to create conceptual visual pranks, producing a definitive and unparalleled street art practice.

The “What The %$#@? (WTF)” series is named for the universal reactions it often inspires within the viewer.  For this street art project, Witz is installing his Dark Doings pieces on walls beside highway ramps and interchanges–bottleneck locations where traffic backs up and a captive audience develops as cars pass by at low speeds. Dark Doings is made up of digital photo prints with extensive over-painting mounted on plastic and then framed.  For each piece that Witz will be showing within the gallery, a corresponding piece will be put up somewhere in the Bay Area.  The artworks come in an edition of 6:3 for the street and 3 for other distribution.  The street versions are unsigned, but marked with NFFS*.  The asterisk indicates (on the back of the piece) *NOT FOR FUCKING SALE.


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Nudashank in Baltimore recently exhibited the work of Washington DC-based artist, Michael Dotson. I love the playful and “rad” nature of his work. His vibrant, straight out of the box color palette is whimsical and attractive and manages to keep things light without being trite. Some pieces, referred to on his website as “drawings”, appear to be colored marker on graph paper while his paintings are executed in acrylic. He shows clear talent with both mediums and while there is a completely different feel between the two separate bodies of work, there is a cohesive sense of vintage abstraction to them that is reminiscent of 80’s and early 90’s aesthetics. Digital landscapes, pixel play, and “80’s modern” compositions that Don Johnson would most surely have had hanging in his “Miami Vice” bachelor pad. I kinda wish they had made a Trapper Keeper with Dotson’s motifs back when I was in grade school. Hell. I kinda wish they’d make one now.

"Living Room", 2010

"Dream Car Celebration at Tyrell Corporation", 2009


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Artist, Mike Shine for "Flotsam's Wonder World", Photo courtesy Mike Cuffe and Warholian.com

A&O PR is proud to announce the tremendous success of “Flotsam’s Wonder World”, the epic “art opera” by artist, Mike Shine that was held in conjunction with the inauguration of Justin Giarla’s newest gallery space, 941Geary. These images from Friday night’s VIP party are courtesy of Mike Cuffe of Warholian. The evening included interactive carnival games, a set by DJ Junk Drawer (formerly of Extra Action Marching Band), operatic performances by Jonah Hoptan, “Opera Boy” and Whitney White, “Opera Girl”, as well as a folk music set that included Mike Shine himself playing harmonica. “Flotsam’s Wonder World” is up through October 31st. For more images, visit Mike Cuffe’s Flickr set here.

941Geary Gallery Owner, Justin Giarala, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe

Whitney White and Jonah Hopton, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe

Danielle Grant, Kimberly Verde and Lainya Magana of A&O PR, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe

Greg Escalante and guest, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe

Lyrica Glory, Photo courtesy of Mike Cuffe


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Monica Canilao is a collector of moments and a reanimator of memories. Stitching together broken bits of salvaged history: a tea-stained doily, a tattered photograph, a lone feather, Monica creates contemporary artifacts that tell the story of our collective histories. Catch a sneak peek of work by Monica Canilao for her upcoming show “We Are Dust”, which opens April 30th at Cinders Gallery, NY.


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Installation by Jesse Hazelip for White Walls Gallery

I couldn’t be more proud of my husband, Jesse Hazelip, for executing such a profoundly beautiful show at White Walls Gallery. The show, entitled “Sentimental Journey”, was a huge success. And I’m not surprised. It speaks to a wide audience of those who love beautiful art as much as art with a message, and those with an aversion to war and who have an understanding of the historical and societal implications specifically of WWII and the imagery he draws inspiration from. “Sentimental Journey” will come down a mere three days from now so I wanted to invite any of you who haven’t had a chance to see the work, to stop by the gallery or view it online here. I’m including a few of my favorite pieces from the show for you to take a look at, after the jump. (more…)

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I went up to Sacramento earlier this week to work on the install for “Insert Exclamatory!”, my latest show featuring the work of Michelle Constantine. The opening reception is this Saturday, October 10th from 5-10pm at Space07: 1421 R St. Sacramento, CA 95814. Check out the installation photos and I hope to see you at the opening! For inquiries, please email me for a preview link of available works. (more…)

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PULL: The recent works of Micah Crandall-Bear

August 8, 2009 – October 4, 2009


1421 R St. / Sacramento, CA / 95814 / 916-44-7474

OPENING RECEPTION:  Saturday, August 8, 2009, 5-10 pm

CONTACT: lainya@argotandochre.com

July 20, 2009 – Lainya Magaña and Space07 are pleased to present Pull, a collection of new work by Sacramento artist, Micah Crandall-Bear. In these recent works, Micah pulls from the founders of Abstract Expressionism and the painters that influence him the most. Micah’s artistic arrangements are imbued with hints of Pollock’s vivacity, Rothko’s clarity, and Motherwell’s unmitigated compositions. Expressing Micah’s unique perspectives and understanding of color, Pull will feature a variety of colorful acrylic works on canvas.

MICAH CRANDALL-BEAR is an abstract painter based in Sacramento, CA. He has made a name for himself with his bold, abstract compositions that stir the imagination and awake the observer’s creative consciousness. As Micah states: “The alchemy of art offers an allure that unfolds somewhere between concept and destination. It is here that I find my best work.” Micah has worked under the tutelage and guidance of several highly recognized California artists. His work resides in numerous private collections.

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It’s been a week since the art world learned of the death of the infamous Dash Snow. Deitch Projects has put out an open call to artists and friends of Dash to submit works for their memorial art show. Follow the link to find out more. (more…)

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I love this new work by Christopher Bettig. The contrast of colors and patterns set against wooden backdrops don’t necessarily remind me of travel, time or space as his show is titled but they sure are lovely.

Travels In Time And Space features new mixed media pieces and letterpress prints by Christopher Bettig. The works are influenced by such things as (more…)

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