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I’m going to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion and invite you all to check out the cover story I wrote on AJ Fosik for issue 18 of Hi Fructose Magazine. If you aren’t already familiar with the work, I’ll share a few of AJ’s images with you and a snippet from the feature. Enjoy!

The Third Way Out

“AJ Fosik creates beastly three-dimensional figures out of wood, paint, and nails. Mounted on walls or monumentally erected atop pedestals, his sculptures have appeared in numerous exhibitions, the reigning representatives of a medium in which most urban contemporary artists only dabble. Displayed like hunting trophies or specimens in a museum of natural history; sometimes brightly colored; always painstakingly detail oriented, Fosik’s feral creations take the shape of fantastic or true animal beings that communicate a subversive, anti-religious commentary through the depiction of hyperbolized fictional gods. Nameless, assigned no specific meanings or powers, beholden to no formal religion – real or contrived – Fosik’s idols are not meant to contribute to some grand theological narrative of the artist’s design. They are masterfully beautiful objects that examine the nature of religious iconography through an absence of religious discourse. In this way, Fosik is pointing to the power and scope of man’s innate creativity devoid of divine inspiration.” – Lainya Magaña, Hi Fructose Magazine Issue 18

Dare Nothing, Hope for Nothing

The Time and the Way


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Glen E. Friedman, photograph by Darren Wellhoefer

Glen E, Friedman, the legendary photographer and cultural influencer of all things music, skate, and underground aesthetics, is bringing his work to San Francisco’s 941 Geary space this Saturday for a major showing titled, in perfect punk, “Fuck You All.”

The new exhibition will be marked by some of Friedman’s iconic works, the touring exhibition portion that contains the shots of Black Flag, the Beastie Boys, and a far younger Tony Hawk. But the 941 Geary show will be highlighted by the Shepard Fairey collaborations together with the original photographs for the first time.

Henry Rollins, collaboration between Glen E. Friedman and Shepard Fairey

The collaboration comes on the heels of Friedman’s exhibition at Fairey’s Subliminal Projects last year, and a special interview Fairey did for Juxtapoz with Friedman in our 100th issue last Spring. As 941 Geary tells us, “Friedman’s 941Geary exhibition of Fuck You All will feature several never before seen collaborations with Shepard Fairey, which will be displayed along with the original photographs for the first time. These works are true artistic collaborations, executed symbiotically and inspired from a history of mutual respect between Friedman and Fairey.”

The opening reception will be held from 6-9pm on Saturday, November 6th at 941Geary in San Francisco. The artists will be in attendance.

Read the full Juxtapoz interview here.



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I had the pleasure of interviewing the illustrious Seonna Hong for issue 17 of Hi Fructose Magazine. Here’s a teaser, but for the whole story, be sure to pick up a copy!

“Seonna Hong is a painter of memories. Her works are reflexive – deeply personal reflections of the artist’s self in relation to the people and things that matter most to her. In an effort toward resolution, Hong selects the moments of meaning that have colored her life as richly as the pigments with which she chooses to adorn the canvas. These are the stories that run the depth of a life, rushing to the surface upon the artist’s summoning, or when the desire to express builds to the point of necessary release. With painted metaphor, Hong renders herself unedited and pure – as a little girl wading through an ocean of moments that extend from the shores of her past into the infinite and unknowable future. It’s amidst this sentimental dreamscape that we meet the artist at her most vulnerable and find solace in the baring of this soul that bears so much resemblance to our own.” – Lainya Magaña, Issue 17 Hi Fructose Magazine


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