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Infinite Tapestry, Acrylic on wood panel, 36"x48", 2010

“Infinite Tapestry” is the collection of new work by Mars-1 up at Meta Gallery in Toronto. Although this show is about 2 days from ending, I had to post these images anyway. They’re breathtaking! Mars never disappoints but this work is on another level. The black and white pieces are a favorable divergence from his usual color palette and make me wish I were staying at this on my living room wall instead of on a computer.

"Infinite Tapestry #2", Acrylic on wood, 24"x30", 2010

"Tulpa 2", Acrylic and sumi ink on paper, 72"x48", 2010

"Echoes 2", Acrylic and sumi ink on paper, 40"x30", 2010


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