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Nice, I just read on Curated that Gaye Advert created a show for Signal Gallery in London.  Beyond Punk will feature the artwork of punk musicians, artists associated with punk bands and artistic friends of punk.

The lineup includes – Adam Ant (Adam & the Ants), Charlie Harper (UK Subs), Chris Brief (The Briefs), Dale Grimshaw, Dee Generate (Eater), Gaye Black (Adverts), Gee Vaucher (Crass), Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols), Knox (Vibrators), Nick Taggart (Zkrr Zkretna), Philip Barker (Buzzcocks), Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex), Shanne Bradley (Nipple Erectors), Shepard Fairey, Steve Ignorant (Crass) and Youth (Killing Joke).  Click here to read more.

Opening on August 12, 2010, ‘Beyond Punk’ will rage through August 21, 2010.

Signal Gallery, 96a Curtain Road, London.


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