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Marina Abramovic graces the cover of Slavic Elle this January.  The artist, who had never given fashion much thought, credits her discovery of the self-expressive medium to the Great Wall of China.  Kiša Lala of Spread Magazine reports:

“I was never interested in fashion until after I walked the Chinese Wall.” she said. “Before then, I felt like I couldn’t dress up, no lipstick, no nail polish.” Abramovic had walked the Great Wall of China in 1988 with her then partner, collaborator the German artist Uwe Laysiepen, (“Ulay”) who she had been with then for 12 years. They had started walking towards each other from opposite ends of the wall, originally intending to marry when they met in the middle, but instead, after three months of walking, when they finally reached one another, the journey was to commemorate the breakup of their grand love affair.

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