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Van Gogh's painting, "Wheat Field With Crows", 1890

Van Gogh's painting, "Wheat Field With Crows", 1890

My love of art all began with a requisite, History of Western Art class in college and this painting: “Wheat Field With Crows” by Van Gogh.

I decided to create this site as an ode to the cafés of Montmartre in the 1800’s; places like Chat Noir and Moulin Rouge. Artists, poets, pimps, and prostitutes would gather in these underground venues to talk and drink. Ideas were inevitably exchanged, alliances were built, and movements were formed.

In an era where technology threatens the beauty and power of human interaction, I hope to reignite people’s love affair with passionate ideas by harnessing the positive possibilities inherent in these modern modes of communication. I hope for this site to inspire people’s creativity, for it to bring people of like minds together, and to create a space for new thought to pave the way for exciting movements.

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